Membership Benefits

Member Firms enjoy a variety of benefits both from ACEC of Wyoming and from national ACEC.  Key benefits are presented as follows:

ACEC of Wyoming


  • Legislation is monitored to identify proposed bills having the potential to impact the practice of engineering and/or surveying in Wyoming.
  • Members are kept informed of pending legislation and, if appropriate, testimony is provided in support or opposition to a proposed bill.
  • Activities and policies of state and local agencies (DEQ, WWDC, SLIB, counties, schools, municipalities, etc.) are monitored to determine their impact on engineering and surveying firms.
  • Periodic conferences held with state agency presentations designed to promote communication.
  • ACEC of Wyoming maintains an active liaison committee with WYDOT to assure Member Firms are aware of, and understand the goals, objectives, policies, and procedures of WYDOT, and vice versa.
  • Professional services procurement practices are monitored to determine compliance with Wyoming procurement statutes.
  • ACEC of Wyoming supports national ACEC in their programs to monitor and influence federal legislation and administrative actions.


  • Two eight-hour seminars are presented each year, one in the spring and one in the fall, at various locations throughout Wyoming.
  • Seminar registration fees are kept to a minimum, currently $100 per person.
  • Quality speakers, experts in their fields, cover business related topics such as marketing, client relations, financial management, communication, ethics, construction claims, insurance, etc.
  • Conferences promote networking between employees of Member Firms.


  • Three meetings held throughout the year to conduct the business of the association and promote the active exchange of ideas.
  • Member Firms receive newsletters designed to keep them informed on activities of the association and government agencies.
  • ACEC of Wyoming maintains a strong scholarship program at the University of Wyoming, currently $12,000 per year, based on the ACEC of Wyoming Endowed Scholarship Trust Fund which was established by the association in 2002.
  • ACEC of Wyoming maintains an active website on which each Member Firm has a presence and can be easily found by potential clients.

National ACEC


  • The national voice of the engineering industry.
  • A major influence on federal legislation affecting the engineering consulting industry.
  • Develops and maintains strong and active working relationships with key legislators and agency officials.
  • Protects and promotes Qualification Based Selection by federal agencies.
  • Sponsors the annual Consulting Congress Day when members visit their congressional delegation in Washington, DC to present a unified effort to influence legislation.


  • Provides business-related continuing education programs throughout the country.
  • Two national conferences annually provide a multitude of opportunities for continuing education.
  • Round-table conferences provide an effective means for the sharing of ideas.

Other Benefits

  • Associated Trusts provide benefits to member firms and their employees:
  • Business Insurance Trust: general business; professional liability; personal home and auto
  • Life/Health Trust: life and health insurance
  • Retirement Trust: retirement plans
  • Discounts available to member firms for business-related expenses.

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